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UNIT 18 - Topic Vocabulary: Health
administerto give someone a drug or a medical treatment
admitto take someone into hospital for medical treatment
agonygreat pain
agonya strong and unpleasant feeling, especially great worry or sadness
antidoteantidotum (anTyiDołt)
consultanta senior doctor in a hospital who is an expert in a particular medical subject (konSaltynt)
diagnosisdiagnoza (DajaGnozys)
inoculatezaszczepić (YNoKiulejt)
irritationa painful feeling in a part of the body, often with red skin or swelling (podrażnienie)
numbzdrętwiały (nam)
numbnot able to react or to show your emotions, often because of an extreme shock (otępiały)
nursing homean institution where old people live when they are too old or ill to look after themselves
paralysisparaliż (paralysys)
plasterif a part of someone's body is in ..., it has a hard cover around it to protect a broken bone
prescribeprzepisać (lekarstwo)
preventative medicinemedical examinations, treatments etc intended to prevent illness or discover it before it becomesSer
prognosisa doctor's opinion about the way in which a disease or illness is likely to develop (progNołSys)
sick leavezwolnienie chorobowe, urlop chorobowy
side effectefekt uboczny
syringea needle fitted to a plastic tube, used for taking blood from your body etc (strzykawka) (syRyndż)
vaccineszczepionka (WakSyin)
wardoddział szpitalny (ŁYud/ŁOrd)