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UNIT 18 - Phrasal Verbs
black out1/2)suddenly become unconscious 2/2)make a place dark by turning off al the lights, =blackout(n)
come out inbecome covered in spots
come round1/4)become conscious again after being unconscious, 2/4)happen again
come round3/4)go to a place where someone is, to visit them1 4/4)be persuaded to change your opinion or decisi
cotton onbegin to realise or understand sth
crease uplaugh a lot, or make someone laugh a lot
follow up1/2)check the health of someone who has received medical treatment
follow up2/2)try to find out more about something, follow-up (n)
get downmake someone feel sad or lose hope
get over1/2)start to feel happy or well again after something bad has happened
get over2/2)solve a deal with a problem
go down/well/badlyproduce a particular reaction down/well/badly + (with sb)
lash out1/2)try to hit or attack someone suddelny and violently 2/2)speak angrily to or againt someone
pass away/ondie (used to avoid saying 'die' when you think the might upset sb)
play up1/2)cause difficulties or pain for someone
play up2/2)behave badly
pull thorugh1/2)manage to stay alive after you have been very ill or very badly injured
pull through2/2)succeed in a very difficult situation, or help someone do this
shrivel up1/2)become smaller and thinner and not to look fresh and healthy (schnąć) (szywyl/szrywyel)
shrivel up2/2)become weaker or smaller (szywyl/szrywyel)
summon upmanage to produce a quality or a reacion that helps you deal with a difficult situation
to summon up the couragezebrać się na odwagę
ward offdo something to prevent someone or something from harming you