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UNIT 18 - Phrases, patterns and colocations 2
go dead1/2)to stop working especially because of not having electricity, 2/2)zdrętwieć
drop deadto die suddenly and unexpectedly
drop dead!a rude way of telling someone that you are annoyed with them and want them to go away/be quiet
be (dead) set against sthto be (strongly) determined not to do sth
be in dead troubleto be in serious trouble
be dead and burried1/2)to be no longer in use 2/2)not worth considering (plan, idea)
dead silencemartwa cisza
dead centrethe exact centre of sth
dead and gone/burried[if used of a person] - when sb is dead for a long time/not for a long time
dead and burriedwhen an idea, fashion etc is ... it is obsolete, out of fashion NOT LONG SINCE
dead and gonewhen an idea, fashion etc is ... it is obsolete, out of fashion LONG SINCE
dead tiredskonany/kompletnie wykończony
dead aheadright in front; just ahead
dead asterndokładnie wstecz/dokładnie do tyłu
have no/some effect onnie mieć żadnego efektu na/mieć pewien efekt na
come into effectto start to be used
put/bring/carry sth into effectto start to use a plan or idea so that it becomes real and has practical uses
adverse/beneficial effectniekorzystny/korzystny efekt
for effectif you do sth ..., you do it in order to impress people
in effectw efekcie/w istocie (used for giving a summary of what you think the situation really is)
with effect fromze skutkiem od (used for saying when sth will start)
get a feel for sthto developa good knowledge or understanding of sth
feel free'nie krępuj się' (used for telling someone that they can do sth if they want to)
feel liketo want sth, or to want to do sth
feel as if/as though"czuć się jakby" (to have the sensation (physical or mental) or feeling that)
feel strongly about sthbyć głęboko przekonanym o czymś
feel the effects/benefits of sthto experience the good or bad results of sth
feel your way1/2)to do things slowly and carefully because you are not completely sure about a new situation
feel your way2/2)to move carefully with your hands out in front of you, because you cannot see properly
feel guiltyczuć się winnym
feel at homezadomowić się, rozgościć się
be in good healthcieszyć się dobrym zdrowiem
be in bad healthbyć w złym stanie zdrowia
ill healthillness or a health condition that affects you for a long time
health and safetythe laws, rules and principles that are intended to keep people safe from injury etc at work etc
health hazard/riskzagrożenie dla zdrowia