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UNIT 18 - Phrases, patterns and collotacions 3
health centreośrodek zdrowia
health clubalso a fitness club/fitness centre - a place that houses exercise equipment for the pse.of exercises
health foodnatural food that is thought to have health-giving qualities
health servicesłużba zdrowia
fall/be taken ill with sthzachorować na
critically/seriously illpoważnie chory
terminally illśmiertlenie chory (termynli)
be kind/nice of sb to do sthmiło z czyjejś strony, że coś robi
respond in kindto behave to someone in the same way that they have behaved to you
kind oftak jakby, poniekąd \ swego rodzaju
of some/any kindjakiegokolwiek rodzaju
of the kindlike or similar to what has been said (I didn't say sth ... - nie powiedziałem nic tego typu)
kind regardsa more formal variation of "best regards" - professional and appropriate way to end an email
laugh at/aboutśmiać się z
laugh in sb's faceto make it obvious for someone that you don't respect them
make sb laughrozśmieszyć kogoś
have a good laughpośmiać się/to have fun
have the last laughto finally be more successful than someone who was unpleasant to you, esp who laughed when youFailed
for a laughfor enjoyment, rather than for any seious purpose
a laugh a minutekupa śmiechu/ubaw po same pachy - usually used when you really think that someone isn't funny
put sb's life at risknarazić czyjeś życie na ryzyko
lose a lifeto die as a result of sth such as an accident, war or illness
bring sth to lifeto make sth exting or interesting
to come to lifeodzyskać przytomność, ożywić się
not on your life'nigdy w życiu" - used as a very forceful way of saying "no/never"
save sb's lifeto stop someone from dying or being killed
to take one's own life= to kill yourself (odebrać sobie życie)
that's lifean expression of one's eccaptance of a situation, however difficult
this is the life!said to mean that you very much enjoying the situation you are in
quality of lifejakość życia