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UNIT 18 - Phrases, patterns and collocations 4
live a life of sthto lead a life typified by some quality, condition ot style (of luxury/crime)
live to the age ofto survive until one is a certain age
can live with sthused for saying that yoy can accept sth
live and let livesaid to mean that people should accept the way other people live and behave
live and learnsaid when you hear or discover sth that is suprising
live beyond one's meandżyć ponad stan
live within your meansmeans that what you spend each month is less than/at least equal to the money's amnt. you earnMontly
live in hopeto be or remain optimistic about sth
live a lieto live in a way that is dishonest, because you are pretending to be sb you aren't
live to tell the taleto successfully deal with or continue to live despite a difficult situation or experience
take one's medicineto accept or deal with an unpleasant situation without complaining
alternative medicineany of a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession
complementary medicinemedycyna komplementarna
herbal medicineziołolecznictwo
medicine cabinetapteczka/półka na lekarstwa (kabnet)
polite tomiły, uprzejmy dla
polite of sbuprzejmie z kogoś strony
just/only being politesaying sth not because it is true but in order not to offend someone
polite conversationconversation that is made with someone because they are with you and not because you want toTalkToTh
in polite society/circles/companyamong people who are considered to have a good education and correct social behaviour
react to sthreagować na coś
react by doing sthreagować robieniem czegoś
react accordingly/appropriatelyreagować odpowiednio do okoliczności (akordynly/aProłpryetli)
react with sthreagować z czymś
react against sthto do the opposite of what someone wants you to do because you do not like their rules or ideas
cause/produce/provoke/trigger a reaction to sthpowodować reakcję na coś
reaction against sthan opposite reaction to some rules, what other person says to you
adverse reactiona reaction causing a negative or harmful effect on sth/sb
gut reactionsth that you feel or believe strongly without stopping to think about it
immediate reactionbezpośrednia reakcja
chain reactionreakcja łańcuchowa