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UNIT 18 - Idioms
cry over spilt milkwaste time feeling upset about sth bad that has happened and cannot be changed
fly off the handlesuddenly become extremely angry without a good reason
give sb a taste/dose of their own medicinetreat someone in the sam bad way they treat other people
give sth a missdecide not to do sth that you usually do
grin and bear itaccept a difficult situation without complaining or showing how you feel
keep a straight faceremain serious and not laugh
keep your hair onused for telling someone not to get angry or upset
kick yourselfbe very annoyed because you have made a mistake, missed an opportunity, etc
let off steamshout or do something that allows you to get rid of anger
let sleeping dogs lieleave a person or situation alone if they might cause you trouble
never/don't look a gift horse in the mouthif you are given sth good, you should not complain about it or not to try to find defects in it
up in arms aboutangry and complaining about sth