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UNIT 20 - Topic Vocabulary - Power
benignkind and nice (łagodny) (beNajn)
bullytyranizować, znęcać się nad słabszymi (buli)
bullyłobuz, tyran
commandto officially order someone to do sth (dowodzić) / an official order (komendra)
conquer1/2)to take control of land or people using soldiers (konKa/konKer)
conquer2/2)to gain control of a situation or emotion by making a great physical or mental effort(konKa/Ker)
consentto give approval for sth - zgadzać się / zgoda (konSent)
controversya disagreement, esp about a public policy or a moral issue that a lot of people have feeling about
dictatorsomeone who uses force to take and keep power in a country (dykTejta/dykTejder)
eliminateeliminować (eLYMYnejt/iyLYMYnejt)
entforceto make sure that a law or rule is obeyed by people (ynFoos/iynFors)
entitledhaving the rights to do sth (uprawniony) \ zatytułowany
exemptallow to ignore sth such as a rule, obligation etc (egzempt/ygzampt)
formerused for describing someone or sth that had a particular job, title, status in the past, but now now
imposeto introduce sth such as a new law or new system, and force people to accept it (emPołz/ymPołz)
inferiornot as good as sth else - gorszy, gorszego stopnia (ynFirja/inFirjer)
intimidateto deliberately make someone feel frightened especially so that they will do what you want (iYntyMyd
labelto use a word or phrase to describe someone or sth, esp one that is not completely fair ot true
labeletykietka(description) \ metka(on clothes)
liberateto give someone the freedom to do what they want, for example by taking them out ofDifficultSituatio
mainstreamideas, methods or people that are considered ordinary or normal nad accepted by most people
masterto learn sth thoroughly so that you know it or can do it very well
mastera man who has control over servants or other people who work for him
ministeran official(urzędnik) in charge of a government department
monarchmonarcha (a king or queen) (monak/monark)
prohibitto officially stop sth from being done, esp by making it illegal (proHybyt/prołHybyt)
reignif a king or queen ..., they officially rules a country (RYjN/REjN)
reignthe period of time when a king or queen rules a contry
reinforceto make an idea, belief or feeling stronger (ryjnForse)
reluctantnot willing to do sth (ryLaktynt/riLaktynt)
resist1/2)to oppose or fight against someone or sth (ryzyst/rizyst)
resist2/2)to stop yourself from doing sth that you would very much like to do (ryzyst/rizyst)
restrictto keep sth within strict limits (ryStrykt/riStrekt)
societyspołeczeństwo (sosajeti/sosajdi)