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UNIT 20 - Topic Vocabulary - Power
subjectto make someone experience sth unpleasant (sabDżekt/sabdżekt)
subjectan idea, problem, situation etc that you discuss or write about
subjectsomeone who lives in a country that is controlled by a king or queen
subjectivebased on your own feelings or ideas and not on facts (sabDżektyw)
submitto accept that someone has defeated you or has power over you
summonto officially order someone to come to a place, esp a court or law (samyn)
superiorbetter than someone or sth else in quality or skill (suPierja/suPierjer)
underminepodkopywać (kogoś) (andeMajn / anderMajn)
unrestangry or violent behaviour by people who are protesting against sth (anRest)
victimiseto treat someone in a deliberately unfair way (wyktyMajz)
vulnerableweak or easy to hurt physically or mentally (wanryByul/wonryRybyul)