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UNIT 20 - Phrasal verbs
back downstop askind for sth or stop saying that you will do sth, because a lot of people oppose you
blend inif someone or sth ..., they are similar to the other people, objects, etc around them (zlać sięZot
bring aboutmake sth happen, especially to cause changes in situation
crack down (on)start dealing with someone or sth much more strictly
get inbe elected for a political job
get off1/3)not be punished severely or at all for sth you have been accused of court
get off2/3)have a particular period of time as a holiday 3/3)send sth, for example in the post
give in1/2)stop competing or arguing and accept that you cannot win
give in2/2)if you ... to sth, you can no longer control the feeling of wanting it
hit back1/2)criticise someone who has criticised you 2/2)deliberately hurt someone who has hurt you
lock up1/2)put someone in a prison 2/2)lock all the doors and windows of a building so that no one canGETin
opt out (of)decide not to take part in sth or stop taking part in it
phase outgradually stop using sth (fejz ałt) - stopniowo ograniczać/stopniowo wycofywać
push aroundkeep telling someone what to do in an unfair or unpleasant way (pomiatać)
single outchoose one person from a group for special attention (singyl) - wyodrębniać, wybierać
stand up tonot allow yourself to be treated badly, especially in someone in authority
take over1/2)take control of sth 2/2)begin to do sth that someone else was doing
talk down totalk to someone as if you think they are not as clever or important as you are