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the vocab files C1 units 4-6
abolishdo away with, put an end to a system or practise by law
repealput an end to a law
annuldeclare officially that sth is invalid, it no longer exists
revoketake back sth granted so that is no longer legal or official
recallsend sb back or order sb to return especially if they have been working abroad
eradicatemake sth disappears completely by destroying it
exterminatedestroy sth/ sb completely by killing them (tribes, races, animals, insects)
annihilatedestroy a place/group of ppl by using weapons, bombs, etc.
decimatedestroy a large part of a whole (but not the whole lot)
livelihoodśrodki do życia
beseech, solicitbłagać, dopraszać się (2)
derogatoryshows no respect
succinctbrief, zwięzły
acuteprzenikliwy, sharp, penetrating
congenitalwrodzony, (of a disease) existing from birth
congenialpleasant in agreement with one's taste
contagious(of disease) spreading by contact
contiguoustouching, neighboring
snagprzeszkoda, any sort of difficulty or obstacle
snugcozy, warm, comfortable
obscenemorally disgusting, offensive
obscurenot clearly seen or understood, unknown
gnaw atgryźć kogoś, targać kimś
reticentmałomówny, powściągliwy
ill-definedniejasno sformułowany
flimsycienki, marny
wieldwładać (np a powerful influence)
obstinatezawzięty, uporczywy
acidunkind, critical
sourhaving or showing a bad temper, disagreeable in manner
bitterhard to accept, usually used to express a feeling of disappointment
tartuszczypliwy, sharp in manner
harshsevere, cruel, unsympathetic
bitingshaprly critical and is often caused by anger or dislike
insolentbezczelny, rozzcuhwalony
proprietykultura osobista
regretfulpełen żalu
regrettablegodny pożałowania
warybe careful about sth
wearyextremely tired
stingingbitter, unkind
stringent(of rules) severe
renovaterepair and return to good condition
innovateintroduce sth new, make changes
statusa person's social, legal or professional position
statutea written law
utilisationmaking use of sth or finding use for sth
mileageprzebieg samochodu
substantialessential, fundamental, istotny
encroachtrespass, intrude
decorumpropriety, etiquette, stosowność zachowania
contemptiblegodny pogardy
contemptpogarda, disregard
becomingsuitable, appropriate, flattering
blowa violent stroke, given by the hand or weapon/ a sudden shock or disaster
misfortunebad luck of a serious nature, lingering character of consequence, the sufferer is not responsible
adversityunfortunate event, unfavorable situation caused by outward circumstances (loss of fortune, position)
calamitya serious misfortune/disaster causing a great deal of damage, destruction, suffering
hardshipa specific difficult condition of life such as lack of food, comfort, money
mishapa minor and unfortunate accident
reverseany change or alteration for the worse
distressa state or condition of great suffering, danger, anxiety, pain or discomfort
afflictionthe state of physical or mental suffering
triala troublesome or irritating person that must be endured
strokea blow or ill effect caused as if by a blow, stroke of misfortune or sunstroke _ paralysis, apoplexy
affliction, bereavement, blowfor the loss of friends by death
misery__ of the poor
hardships__ of the soldier
misfortunes__ of a businessman
adversities__ met with because of bad weather
calamities__ of war
mishap__ preventing you from doing sth
distresspeople in __
triala boy being a __ to his mother
squalidwretched conditions, brudny, obskurny, podły (zamiar)
derelictramshackle (=w opłakanym stanie) and run-down
hard upnot having enough money
jerry-builttandetnie zbudowany, badly constructed
indigent, destitutepoor
affluentzamożny, bogaty
downtroddenoppressed, treated badly by ppl in power
brawla fight, awantura
prove your mettleshow you are able
relinquishgive sth up
indignant, indignationoburzony, wzburzony + n
indict, indictmentoskarżenie, akt oskarżenia v + n
subvert, subversionobalać, znosić, osłabiać wiarę, sabotaż, przewrót v + n
dilligenthard working, studious, industrious
indolentlazy, idle
adversaryenemy, opponent
afflictcause trouble, pain, distress
inflictcause sb to suffer by imposing sth ON them
rushmove quickly
rashacting or done without careful thought, especially of the consequences
avertturn away, avoid
divertcause (someone or something) to change course or turn from one direction to another
convertchange into another form or use / change religious beliefs
subverttry to destroy the power and influence of a government or established ideas, beliefs
impartprzekazywać (wiedzę) nadawać (atmosfery, rady, elegancji)
havocspustoszenie, dewastacja, zamęt
ill-fatednieszczęśliwy, niefortunny
slovenniechluj, brudas (slang?)
refurbishodświeżenie (umiejętności), odnawianie (planu), odrestaurowanie (domu)