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Similar meaning: Verbs
autor: nkrupa
assisthelp a customer
consentagree to do sth
clarifymake sth clearer
reservebook a reataurant table
regulatecontrol a process or activity
analyseexamine information in detail
gathercollect information
addressspeak to an audience
selectchoose sth
generateproduce or make a good sales of a product
administermanage or organise a department
confirmverify sth is true
auditexamine financial accounts
briefgive information or instructions to your staff
relatetell sb about event that has happened
quantifymeasure the effect of sth
deductremove sth froma sum of money
obligerequire sb to do sth
widenincrease your area of operation
employtake on new staff
finalisefinish making plans for sth
implysuggest sth without saying it directly
consultask sb for advice
acceleratemake a process go faster
handledeal with a problem
retainkeep sth for future use
attendcome to an interview
conveygive or take a message to sb
compensatemake up for sth you have done wrong
disclosereveal information to sb
resolvesettle an argument or disagreement
substitutereplace sth with sth similar
dictatefirmly tell sb your terms and conditions
assertfirmly state your opinion
advertisepromote a product
avertprevent a strike from taking place
depleteuse up all your resources
reclaimrecover lost money or property
endorseapprove of a decision
prohibitto not allow (smoking in a public place)
influencehave an effect on someone or sth
awardgive a contract to a company
attempttry to do a difficult job
ascertaincheck facts to see if they are true
acquireobtain or get information
explainaccount of sth that has happened