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Różne 26
Fin, FlipperPłetwa zwierzęca One of two parts like arms on the bodies of some sea creatures
SheerStromy, Extremely steep; almost vertical
Sheer 21. (of size or weight) very large 2 Used to emphasize how very great, important, or powerful a quali
Viable syn. doable, feasibleWykonalny, realny Able to work as intended or able to succeed
NotionMyśl, pomysł, pogląd A belief or idea
GlitchUsterka, przestać działać na chwilę a small problem or fault that prevents something from being
RepositoryMagazyn, skład A place where things are stored and can be found
First-handZ pierwszej ręki If you experience something firsthand, you experience it yourself
FertileŻyzny, urodzajny Fertile land can produce a large number of good quality crops
TangibleRzeczywisty, dostrzegalny, namacalnReal and not imaginary; able to be shown, touched, or experienced
Planned obsolescenceA situation in which goods are deliberately made or designed so that they do not last for a long per
Tantalising Syn. appealing, tempting, seductiveKuszący
TantalizeZwodzić To make someone feel excited or attracted by an offer or a suggestion
Intimately 1Blisko, intymnieClosely in a personal or sexual way
Intimately 2In a very detailed way
At lengthPrzez długi czas, for a long time
CommuneKomuna a group of families or single people who live and work together sharing possessions and respo
HurtleGnać, pędzić, mknąć To move very fast, especially in a way that seems dangerous
Hurtling, rushingPędzący